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Oregon Coast Construction

The average building time of homes in the last three years is 4 to 6 months, from start to finish.

Our Design/Build Services Save You Time & Money

SAI Design & Build is a customer service company with a reputation for excellence.

Our design/build concept allows-

Design permitting and construction activities to be conducted in tandem. Personalized by a local project professional designed and constructed in the most cost-effective, efficient manner and to client specification.

Professional Subs-

We have a professional staff of licensed subcontractors, trade technicians, and craftsmen. We put the best to work for you with in-house design and complete project services.

Small Business by Choice-

We are big enough to offer all construction services, yet small enough to provide personal attention to our clients. From breaking ground to putting the key in the door.

Coastal Experience-

For more than 20 years, each in the field of design and building, we have maintained an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction; delivering quality construction on time, and within budget. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Framing Applications:


No OSB or pressboard in our homes. We choose to utilize strong and high-quality products to build our homes. We have a long-standing commitment to the community we live in and want your home to stand the test of time. 

LUMBER- 2 x kiln-dried fir lumber #2 and better grade.

Exterior- Stainless & corrosion-resistant fasteners for exterior applications.

Roofing- 50-year roofing from a second-generation roofing firm that guarantee material and labor for 5 years.

Windows-Millard and Jeld-wen. Only certain companies will warranty products close to the coast. We are familiar with these companies and know what to use in your home.

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