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Asbestos Building Inspections

SAI Design & Build LLC now offers Asbestos Testing/Inspections. Rebuilds and remodels often require Asbestos Testing prior to demolition of any kind. Testing determines whether home materials contain asbestos. If it does, SAI Design & Build LLC will help plan for its safe disposal.

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What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a mineral fiber used in a variety of building materials for strength and durability. When these materials are damaged or disturbed, as in the process of a demolition or remodel, they become extremely hazardous. 

Why is it Hazardous?

Small fibers are released into the air, and breathing them in increases the risks of lung disease and cancer. Direct contact with any amount should be avoided throughout a project – it shouldn’t even go into a trashcan.

Why do I have to test?

A lot of building materials, like ceiling panels, duct tape, vinyl flooring, and even glue, can contain asbestos. But a lot don’t. Getting a test to know what’s contaminated is the first step.

DEQ Facts

All residential buildings constructed before Jan. 1, 2004 must have an asbestos survey conducted by an

accredited inspector prior to any demolition or renovation activities.


Owner-occupants doing their own renovation work inside of their home are exempt from this rule. An owner-occupant is a person who owns and lives in a single unit, private residence.


Oregon’s requirements for waste handling and disposal apply to all asbestos abatement projects, even if the

homeowner chooses to remove the asbestos themselves. Open accumulation and storage of friable asbestos containing material and asbestos-containing waste material is prohibited.


Argus Pacific Training and Consulting

To comply with TSCA Title II, 40 CFR 763 (AHERA)

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